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Miss Arizona

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The citizens of Arizona are not only into classic sports like baseball and football. They also show a considerable degree of interest and curiosity in knowing the lady that would represent them in the Miss USA pageant and hopefully, in Miss Universe each year. The Miss Arizona USA pageant happens just once a year and does not at all receive that much advertisement in television and newspapers but it keeps a favorable number of Arizona locals busy all year round. Well, you cannot blame the locals for this; Arizona is not the only state that gives enough notice to and prepares hard for the Miss USA pageant. There is really a need to prepare considering that the competition is tough.

Arizona still needs to prove something when it comes to contests that are all about beauty, sophistication and intelligence. We are not saying that Arizona does not stand any chance in the Miss USA pageant. Arizona has had a comparatively large number of awards in the said competition, actually, but only in terms of semi-final placings. It has not won the Miss USA crown in its own right yet, unfortunately.

Miss Arizona USA has produced one winner (technically, after the real Miss USA winner went on winning Miss Universe), four second runners-up, two third runners-up, three included in the top ten and twelve included in the top 11-15. This is not bad at all, considering that there are a lot more other states that are more ’showbiz’ than Arizona in a sense.

Although Arizona is not a Miss USA track record holder, it is still wrong to say that the state is just what you call a ‘filler’ candidate. As said, it already garnered enough placings and awards at Miss USA to prove that it is also a force to reckon with when it comes to beauty contests.

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